Gold Table

American dollar Syrian Pound Change Unit
1,864.387,438,894-2.8730%Gold Ounce
419.591,674,201-2.8730%Gold lire
59.94239,169-2.8730%24 karat gam
54.94219,242-2.8730%22 karat gam
52.44209,275-2.8730%21 karat gam
44.95179,380-2.8730%18 karat gam
34.96139,514-2.8730%14 karat gam
29.96119,557-2.8730%12 karat gam
24.9799,650-2.8730%10 karat gam

Silver Table

American dollar Syrian Pound Change Unit
22.0588,0037.0934%Silver ounce
0.702,8297.0934%Silver gram

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The Arabmon platform provides the prices of the Syrian pound against all currencies, where currency rates are displayed against the pound today according to the international API system, in addition to today’s gold prices in Syria.