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The Financial transfers with “Arabmon”.

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Arabmon” works in the field of remittances through long years of experience to provide one of the best financial services around the world, which made it a multi-service global trading company with thousands of people and companies dependent on it for various financial services.

through the branches of the company in most of the world, Arabmon has managed to make thousands of financial transfers, which made it one of the largest economic companies in the Arab world in particular and throughout the world in general.

Easy financial transfers :

Arabmon has a different service than the various money transfer companies, operating around the 24 hours through which money can be easily transferred. Where everyone who wants to transfer the money abroad goes to one of the company’s branches in most countries and sets out the amount to be transferred and private information about the consignee, then the transfer takes place immediately without any complicated procedures and takes long days.

And not only that…but you can also communicate with 24-hour customer service to communicate with the nearest branch of your place in the country or city, and Customer service personnel follow and guide you all the time until the transfer is made and funds are delivered to the consignee.

Guaranteed funds.

The most important feature of Arabmon’s financial transfer service is the financial guarantees to customers.

All financial transactions through the company are subjected to international financial provisions which ensure rights to the customer from different countries.

“Arabmon” also offers another set of guarantees that it will be responsible for the transfer process through which will be fully transferred and the customer has the right to refund the money immediately if the transfer is not made.

24- hour service.

Providing better service satisfies customers is the main goal that Arabmon seeks to achieve. So, 24-hour service is launched throughout the week to make it easier for customers to communicate, responding to the customer within a very short time doesn’t exceed one minute which is the fastest customer service ever.

also, the communication service works with the customers all the time, to improve the performance and always keeping to improve services  So Arabmon gives all customers the right to complain about any problem experienced from customer service with the Department directly via e-mail. as well as the possibility of evaluating the communication with customer service and the ability to help him in finishing all the things as quickly as possible, Believing in the necessary development in customer service all over the world.

The support doesn’t stop.

The Arabmon’s support for the customer never stops..working from its working groups in most countries, Arabmon follows every customer within its State, and provides every possible support to the customers, and ensures that they are satisfied with the money transfer service. So, a dedicated team leads to following up modification processes and directing working groups both at the company’s headquarters in the United Kingdom (Britain) and the 24-hour customer service there or via the various working groups distributed in all countries to provide all administrative and financial assistance, even with the authorities of these countries, through their mission to support clients in all forms, under facilitating all financial transfer procedures that aimed to increase the trade and investment teams of the customer in many countries.

Through the support, “Arabmon” works to be the  Finance director of all its customer by offering various consultations in the area of different financial transactions, as they support the customer in increasing business activities and facilitating financial procedures so that they can finally know the best times for financial transfers and how to deliver them quickly to dispatchers abroad in a very short time.

Tracking funds when transferred.

The Arabmon realizes the great trust that every customer puts on it when dealing with any financial transaction, especially in the transfer of funds, and seeks in every possible way to reassure customers and provide them with possible guarantees, So it established a property tracking feature when transferring from anywhere in the world. Each customer in a country can follow up the funds as soon as they are deposited until they reach the consignee and the working group will be with him in an immediate process that takes only a few minutes.

With the Arabmon, every customer will be able to fully guarantees his money, and finally get good, easy, simple, and secure service as soon as possible.

The financial transfers… For all countries.

It is known that Most money transfers are not possible in all countries, but only in specific countries.

But Arabmon provides a service for the first time in money transfer companies, which is available means to all countries, its headquarters in the United Kingdom (Britain), Turkey, and have branches in all Arab countries. Which provides to citizens of the Arab world Several financial services, assisting them in business, investment, and transfer of funds easily and safety.

Through long years of experience, Arabmon has managed to be among the largest Arab economic companies in the Arab world and has reached the competition of global companies through its various financial services, which fulfill the economic needs of many citizens in the Arab world, and through its leading platform in reporting economic news to raise awareness for the Arab citizen.

Smart converter to know the exchange rate for free.

Arabmon has a serious target in its work and various activities, which is to support business leaders and young people in the Arab world, leading to increase investment opportunities and facilitate complex financial transactions which require time and effort which disrupt economic activities.

So, Arabmon seeks to enable every business in the world in general and in the Arab world in particular to achieve his dream of reaching his business activity in multiple countries. Not just from providing different financial services like money transfer; but also through the possibility of knowing the exchange rate of the country that wants to transfer to it at any time and for free.

So, the Arabmon created a smart converter that allows everyone around the world to know what exchange rates are for every currency in just a few seconds. Where he can simply put the amount of money to be transferred, then add the currency in which the money is placed and the other currency to be transferred, and then know the exchange rate immediately, it’s all free from the smart converter using the Internet.

Now… You can know the exchange rate of different currencies around the world in all categories via the Arabmon online platform in just a few seconds.

Enjoying with transfer money and invest more.

The Arabmon’s extended experience made it a global financial transactions network that in most countries, reaching more than 152 countries around the world through which remittances can be made because it is the easiest, fastest, and most secure service in the world that supports customers with many advantages.

Through Arabmon, you can transfer money and increase investment opportunities to launch your project for many countries around the world. It’s all through

Transfer… Invest…gain…