About Us

We provide the solution for asset management

ARABMON” is a global trading company headquartered in the United Kingdom (Britain) and Turkey, it has also many branches in all Arab countries, as it provides many financial services for Arab world citizens, which help them with their businesses, investment, and money transfer, easily and safely.
By a long experience for many years “ARABMON” managed to be one of the largest companies in the Arab countries, it also competes with international companies through the various financial services it provides to meet Arab world citizens’ needs, and through its leading news network to make them aware of the latest economics news.

“ARABMON” meaning 

ARABMON” is derived from “Arab money”, as it seeks to support entrepreneurs and young people in the Arab world, which increases investment opportunities and facilitates complex financial transactions, which need much time and effort that constitutes an obstacle to economic activities.
Through “ARABMON” all the entrepreneurs and owners will be able to make their commercial activities reach all Arab countries through providing several services that facilitate cooperation between Arab countries and create mutual investment opportunities.

ARABMON’s objective

With a long experience in economics, ARABMON believes that the ordinary citizen’s income is our main objective, and that’s the cornerstone of our work.
Hence, ARABMON started to enhance the economic conditions in the Arab world and to increase trading between countries and creating investment opportunities that raise the standard of living for the citizens through several economic services it provides.
These services are subdivided into financial services facilitate trading between countries, and economics news network helps with providing guaranteed investment opportunities.

Financial services

ARABMON aims to support young entrepreneurs in the Arab world through its various financial services which facilitate trading exchange, and guarantee to get good profits, through the rules and the guidelines of world trade laws, with the ability to transfer money from and to anywhere in the world easily and safely.
You can enjoy ARABMON’s services through our partners in the Arab world, and follow these services moment by moment through different systems set by economics experts from all over the world, which constitutes a guarantee for money, and economics transactions facilitating.
ARABMON offers many services in financial transactions, for facilitating trade and financial transactions rapidly and safely, with maintaining customers’ privacy and security.

News Network 

ARABMON Arabic-speaking News Network aims to report the news to the Arab world citizens through the internet for facilitating following latest global markets news, major companies activities, in addition to global issues of interest to the Arab world citizens.
The news reporting process is impartial, transparent, and credible in all issues it covers, based on freedom of opinion and different political orientations, which raise awareness of the citizen without any influence on his opinions and beliefs.
It also provides many articles about commercial activities and how to create one, and the right guidelines you should follow to participate in the Forex and global stocks and getting the profits.
In addition to following different markets, detecting rising trade trends, and the instructions which facilitate participating in global stocks in many countries.

“ARABMON .. always with you.”

Through our extended working groups all over the world, we are seeking to facilitate economic services, and guarantee to enjoy them easily, with providing access to all information and responding to all inquiries, as we always care about providing the best services to the Arab citizen.
Now you can enjoy our services, follow global markets and latest news moment by moment, and get all the information you need about projects, and emerging and global commercial activities via our network Arabmon
Which is the biggest and the oldest in the Arab world.

Our vision 

“Arabmon” is looking forward to being the first choice for every citizen in the Arab world to make easy and secure financial transactions by providing the best service through extended working groups all over the Arab countries that seek to help customers by using the latest technology in the world.

With the aid of economics experts in the world, “Arabmon” has developed and provided services to the public to facilitate financial transactions and assist startups in trading around the world, as well as to contribute to trade cooperation between countries of the Arab world, which aims to serve humans, increase investment opportunities and enhancing the life forms of citizens.

“Arabmon” is a leading company in economics and financial transactions, launched with a humane message, a firm vision, and noble goals that seek to achieve economic cooperation between the countries of the world in general and the Arab world in particular, as well as to raise awareness and enrich the knowledge.

Our mission

Arabmon” is based on a human message that aims to serve and help humans to create a world full of cooperation and love in different commercial transactions, with the highest return for all, which constitutes the cornerstone of creating a society full of love and human values that would help in providing a better life for all citizens. so it was a must to find solutions for facilitating financial transactions between countries.

The “Arabmon” mission is to serve all citizens around the world in financial transactions that facilitate trade and international cooperation that enrich different economic activities.

Through our various services, anyone in the world in general and in the Arab world, in particular, can bring his project to universality.

Raising awareness and enriching different cultures among different publications is another goal that “Arabmon” seeks from its mission in the news network of its economic coverage in many countries, that leads to raising the knowledge about different businesses and markets, in addition to increasing cooperation between different countries through knowledge about different cultures of peoples, which leads to a single result of helping people to create a world full of cooperation and love.

It’s always a pleasure to communicate with you.