Privacy Policy

"Arabmon" has a faith-based on maintaining the privacy of all of its customers by preserving their personal information and financial transactions through the company.

“Arabmon” has a faith-based on maintaining the privacy for all of its customers by preserving their personal information and financial transactions through the company.

So, There’s a set of values that ” Arabmon” commit to, to maintain privacy in general:-

  • Confidentiality:

“Arabmon” keeps personal information of its customers secret, as no one can browse or disclose it because each client has a private account on which his or her financial transactions take place and no one else is allowed to browse or access it. All customers’ information is kept in confidential in the company, taking into account that no one could reach it, Even “Arabmon” partners in different branches over the Arab, unless there is a prior permission from the customer to facilitate some financial transactions, with a guarantee to maintain customers’ information at the highest level of confidentiality.

“Arabmon” is governed by the laws of the European Union and the United Kingdom which guarantee personal information and financial transactions confidentiality.

“Arabmon” seeks to provide the best service to its customers, whether it is through direct contact or through different communication channels such as (Whatsapp, e-mail).

all financial transactions contain complete confidential personal data such as (name, date of birth, nationality) just to provide a better service to the customers.

  • Honesty :

“Arabmon” is committed to honesty with its customers in everything. It is the vision that the company always try to preserve, so there are strict laws within the company’s operating policy to ensure that honesty is respected and commitments and conventions are maintained in all different transactions.

The customers for “Arabmon” are its large family, which always tries to strengthen the relation and cooperate with, so we are committed to the international laws and specific agreements that guarantee customers providing the service they want, in a precise and secure way.

  • Cooperation:

“Arabmon” seeks to facilitate all services to its customers and to communicate with them by all means possible, while maintaining confidentiality in cooperation between many working groups over the Arab world to obtain interaction and fruitful cooperation.

 “Arabmon” allows all its clients everywhere around the world to communicate with them along the day through various means of communication answer all inquiries and facilitate any transactions in different countries.

If the customers communicate with our representatives in the different branches in the Arab world, personal information and financial transaction data are kept in special records protected by code softwares, as no one could reach any information except the one he is working on.

  • Credibility:

Throughout its history of economic activities over the years, “Arabmon” does its best to maintain citizens’ trust in the Arab world, always with credibility in everything, whether in financial transactions or on the news platform.

Through its basic principle of credibility, “Arabmon” promotes trust with all customers. Therefore, our slogan “We are always happy to communicate with you” has been one of the most prominent slogans that we believe in, and working to implement all the time to clarify everything to the customers and respond to various inquiries, we also always try to help most citizens in the Arab world to maintain transparency and neutrality among individuals and businesses.

Through an extended working groups over the Arab world, “Arabmon” seeks to provide all means that makes it easier for its clients to enjoy the services provided to them. In addition to clarifying all the information and keeping them in constant contact with them, so credibility is a fundamental objective in all different activities.

  • Privacy of personal information:

“Arabmon” is keen to protect the privacy of personal information of all customers by all means when using its various services. Sometimes “Arabmon” needs some information about users, but it remains committed to preserve the privacy of personal information according to British law such as the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Personal Information Protection Act.

Through some personal information,” Arabmon” works to provide the best service to its customers, communicate with the public and answer all inquiries, so obtaining information is to check notes and complaints and follow up with customers until they are fully resolved, nevertheless this information is kept by a strict privacy policy governed by the law.

The privacy of personal information and not sharing it with individuals or organizations is one of the obligations for “Arabmon” towards its customers, cannot be compromised but it is only used to facilitate transactions and communication.

“Common questions about privacy policy”

What information does” Arabmon” need from her clients?

The information needed varies according to the service provided and wanted by the client, but there is the basic information that clients must provide when participating in the “Arabmon” account, which is personal data: (Name, address, email, country of residence).

What does ” Arabmon” do with this information?

Through personal data, “Arabmon” works to access users’ preferences both via the news network to deliver them better to the customers, in addition, to know about the services they need, with the help of artificial intelligence programs dedicated to developing online technology.

Is personal information used in anything else?

The use of personal data by “Arabmon” is for very limited purposes, which lead to providing the best services to clients, so personal information cannot be used for any purpose except for those previously mentioned.

How long is personal information kept?

The length of time to keep clients’ data depends on their need for different services. And when it’s done, “Arabmon” stops keeping it.

Who does “Arabmon” give this information to?

“Arabmon” keeps personal data in complete secrecy and can only be obtained or disclosed if required or permitted by the British law.

We’re always happy to communicate with you.