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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Arabmon" company?

 It is a global trading company with branches in most countries of the world, it provides many different financial and economic services that help with business and investment.

Where is the headquarters of "Arabmon"?

 “Arabmon” is headquartered in the United Kingdom (Britain), and has another headquarters in (Turkey) and many branches in Arab countries and all over the world.

What is the meaning of "Arabmon"?

“Arabmon” refers to  “Arab money,” as it seeks to support entrepreneurs and young people in the Arab world, thereby increasing investment opportunities and facilitating financial transactions around the world.

What is the Arabmon's objective?

“Arabmon” believes that the ordinary citizen’s income is its main objective, and that’s the most precious belief for us.

Therefore, its objective is always to improve economic conditions by increasing trade between countries and by creating opportunities that give citizens a real chance at a better life.

What services does "Arabmon" offer?

“Arabmon” provides many different financial services such as easy and simple transfer of funds between various countries in different currencies, in addition to the transfer of funds through different countries, and several economic services to global markets and stocks. it also has the rights of one of the largest news platforms in the Arab world to report economic news and follow up global markets.

How is the money transferred?

Money can be transferred through a fair system that is subjected to the laws of world trade, and through an extended working group in most Arab and world countries, where money can be transferred to and from anywhere in the world easily and securely.

How does the news platform work?

Through the “Arabmon” speaking Arab-network, news and information are reported to the Arab world via the Internet to enable Arab citizens to follow the global markets moment by moment in their country, to learn the economic news, the activity of major companies, and the latest news of the global markets, as well as the world news and issues of interest to every citizen on the Arab street.

What are the news platform's policies?

The policy of handling and reporting news is transparent, impartial, and accurate in all issues highlighted and covered, based on the principle of freedom of opinion and expression in different political opinions, which raise awareness of the Arab citizen without influencing his opinions and beliefs.

It also provides numerous articles and advice on business activities, how to create a diversified business, and the instructions to participate in Forex and global stocks and obtain profits.

Is my personal information being disclosed or not?

Of course not. All operations carried out through the Arabmon website are subjected to strict confidentiality, as no one can identify or access any personal data in any way, and the information in each customer’s account is kept as it is and cannot be changed.

How can I create an account on "Arabmon"?

By accessing the website and creating an account, where it requires some information like (name, email, country), then you get a password that no one could have access to, even those who work in Arabmon, also no one could access your account.

Can I run all the operations through my account?

You can enjoy all of Arabmon’s operations through your website account, transfer funds, cash disposal, and make everything with one click in your account.

What else would I benefit from a "Arabmon"?

“Arabmon” provides a lot of additional services to each customer according to the field he works in to develop it, such as marketing consulting, market studies in different countries, and many different economic consultations.

Who does "Arabmon" support?

“Arabmon” supports every entrepreneur and young man in the Arab world and different countries to develop business and increase investment opportunities, and easy financial exchange between countries

What information does "Arabmon" need from her clients?

The information needed varies according to the service provided and wanted by the customer, but there is basic information that customers must provide when they join “Arabmon” account, which is personal: (Name, address, e-mail, country of residence).

Can you browse the news network without creating an account?

“Arabmon” aims to raise awareness in different countries and thus it provides information and news to all visitors.

But there’s a lot of valuable information and researches that are limited to the customers who have accounts on the website.

I have an account on the website and have some question. What should I do?

Through your account, you can communicate with the” Arabmon” working team, which will provide you with all the information and advice, and if there are other services you want, the team will contact the Arabmon experts and consultants to deliver these services to you easily.

If l had a problem with any service . What should I do?

our team is available 24-hours a day, you can contact us anytime and from anywhere in the world, and we will work through extended working groups in many countries to solve the problem, and we will follow up with you until it is fully resolved.