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Terms and conditions of service

“Arabmon” provides customers and visitors with access to the website’s content, but according to the terms of use, so that the visitor is not subjected to legal accountability.

  • Use warnings:-

-It is strictly prohibited to use company content without a prior permission to re-publish on other platforms or via various social media.

-It is strictly prohibited to copy the content of the company or the news platform or to modify any part of the paragraphs without a prior permission.

-It is strictly prohibited to use the content of the company’s website and news platform in actions that violate the rules of general law or disrupt public interests.

-It is strictly prohibited to use the content of “Arabmon,” or the news or articles it offers to mislead and deceive public opinion.

-It is strictly prohibited to use images, articles, news and any content of “Arabmon” in republishing as it is one of the exclusive intellectual property rights that cannot be violated in any way.

-It is strictly prohibited to attack others in articles, platform comments, also all forms of bullying are strictly prohibited.

-all forms of racism based on religion, race, sex, or language are strictly prohibited.

-all comments that  contain expressions of abuse to individuals or organisations all over  the world are strictly prohibited.

-The use of “Arabmon” content is strictly prohibited unless it is used in a non-commercial personal use, but the content must not be modified or changed.

-It is strictly prohibited to use images, content or information to harass, harm or use an individual in any way against morals and ethics.

-Any use of “Arabmon” content out of non-commercial personal use is strictly prohibited, as it requires prior written authorization that doesn’t violate the rights of individuals or entities.

– using the site in any way affecting the rights of individuals and entities is strictly prohibited as it is considered inappropriate and violate security or freedom of expression.

-It is strictly prohibited to  hack or trying to access the personal information of visitors and customers of the site, and the “Arabmon” have the right to prosecute the person who does so, as Arabmon is not responsible for any consequences to the individuals who attempt to obtain the powers restricted to the employees of the company only.

-It is strictly prohibited to judge or to flout the opinions of others, by the principle of freedom guaranteed to all.

– oriented advertisement and are strictly prohibited except through approval by the management of the company.

-It is strictly prohibited to impersonate other persons in commenting or evolving in any illegal activity on the website.

-It is strictly prohibited to use abusive or offensive words in commenting on the website.

-It is strictly prohibited to tag other sites in comments. And if the site has an important content, please inform the management of the website to review and republish it.

-Violation the third party rights is strictly prohibited, these rights include publication, trademark, professional secrets, privacy, advertising and property rights.

  • Legal accountability:-
  • “Arabmon” content is an exclusive right and it is subjected to intellectual property rights and may only be used with prior authorization, taking into account prior warnings as conditions of use for the site.

Anyone who violates the company’s employment conditions is subjected to legal accountability and “Arabmon”  has the right to prosecute in international courts around the world.

The conditions for use in “Arabmon” are governed by official laws of the European Union and the United Kingdom (Britain) that guarantee intellectual property rights to the content and the mechanism for dealing with exclusive rights over the Internet.

  • Your contribution:-

“Arabmon” is pleased with the contribution of all visitors and customers around the world and consider it as a cornerstone in the development and providing better services for readers.

All ages and groups of different cultures are allowed to contribute to any content or activity on the website of all nationalities, religions and people of different political ideologies to guarantee the right of expression for all.

But, to preserve the expression rights of all and the intellectual property rights of the content, certain conditions must be taken into account when participating in any activity on the website:

-Your contributions must be polite and do not scratch public taste.

-Contributions must not contain sarcasm, verbal harassment or abuse.

-There should be no bad or disturbing behaviour.

-Contributions must be constructive and cause no trouble.

-Your contributions should not contain illegal content.

-Your contributions should not contain racism or abuse to sex or religion.

-Your contributions should not contain comments that offend or upset other users in any way.

  • Other warnings:-

-“Arabmon”  does not guarantee that the services contained in the website and news will not be interrupted by any error or defects on the Internet, but it is working on fixing all technical problems on the website.

-“Arabmon” doesn’t guarantee savings visitors from any attempted hacking through unknown links or sent by individuals that have no relation with the company.

-“Arabmon” doesn’t guarantee not facing possible failure of the news impart or to the search engine that the visitor use , and it is only responsible for its website.

  • Use tips:-

-Try not to provide personal information to people or individuals, except through the website of “Arabmon”.

-Don’t open any unknown links sent by individuals who have no relation with “Arabmon” lest you become a victim to those with bad intentions.

-Use all precautions to protect your computer from any virus or hacking attempts.

-in time of use, try to stick to the terms os use, and “Arabmon” has the right to stop the activity, browsing the site and any of its services for those who don’t stick to the terms and conditions.

-These conditions can be changed, modified, or added according to work updates in “Arabmon”, That’s to ensure better services for all visitors and customers around the world.

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