The prices of more than 50 currencies against the Syrian pound, in addition to the prices of gold and silver in Syria, with a calculator to and from the Syrian pound.

Currency Table

Change Sell price Buy price The currency
0%10American dollar
11.12%11European Euro
8.02%11British Pound
60.91%00Turkish Lira
0.07%11Jordanian Dinar
0.68%11Swiss Franc
79.57%00Syrian Pound
5.00%00Canadian Dollar
0%00Qatari Rial
11.63%00Australian Dollar
5.40%00Russian Ruble
0.91%33Kuwaiti Dinar
21.53%00Swedish Krona
49.33%00Egyptian Pound
71.98%00Libyan Dinar
7.15%00Chinese Yuan
25.70%00Japanese Yen
-0.02%22Omani Rial
-0.05%22Bahraini Dinar
20.49%00Norwegian Krone
11.21%00Danish Krone
90.79%00Sudanese Pound
11.95%00Moroccan Dirham
5.71%00Algerian Dinar
11.94%00Tunisian Dinar
-24.60%00Armenian Dram
10.81%00Indian Rupee
-4.25%00Brazilian Real
14.51%00New Zealand Dollar
12.69%00Romanian Leu
11.41%00Malaysian Ringgit
23.27%00Ukrainian Hryvnia
-8.56%00Mauritanian Ouguiya
-4.19%00Yemeni Rial
0.90%00Singapore Dollar
22.46%00South African Rand
1.01%00Hong Kong Dollar
11.12%00Bulgarian Lev
12.76%00Polish Zloty
44.08%00Pakistani Rupee
7.14%00New Taiwan Dollar
65.43%00Argentine Peso
20.88%00Bangladeshi Taka
-28.43%00Georgian Lari
10.95%00Croatian Kuna
0.57%00Albanian Lek
30.06%00Ethiopian Birr
10.20%00Bosnian brand
10.88%00Serbian Dinar
9.61%00Iraqi Dinar



Gold Table

Change American dollar Syrian Pound Unit
-7.41%1,946.6617,227,954Gold Ounce
-7.41%438.113,877,331Gold lire
-7.41%62.58553,90024 karat gam
-7.41%57.37507,74922 karat gam
-7.41%54.76484,66621 karat gam
-7.41%46.94415,43118 karat gam
-7.41%36.50323,10414 karat gam
-7.41%31.28276,88712 karat gam
-7.41%26.07230,78310 karat gam

Silver Table

Change American dollar Syrian Pound Unit
1.75%23.32206,408Silver ounce
1.75%0.746,636Silver gram

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Daily transfer rates from the Arabmun company to all Syrian cities

The Arabmon platform provides the prices of the Syrian pound against all currencies, where currency rates are displayed against the pound today according to the international API system, in addition to today’s gold prices in Syria.